Download Citation on ResearchGate | LA DEFINICION DE PSICOLOGIA/ FRED S. KELLER; TR. JORGE LUZORO | INDICE TRADUCCION DE: THE. Title, La definición de psicología. Author, Fred S. Keller. Publisher, Trillas, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. Fred S. Keller. Trillas, – Psychology Fred Simmons Keller No preview available – Bibliographic information. QR code for La definición de psicología.

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However, like in many other countries, and as was common to psychology in general, psychological research in Spain was performed by other fields, particularly those tied to medicine and education.

Colombia has been one of the Ibero-American countries, along with Mexico and Spain, to lead the research based on the Experimental analysis of behavior. In these countries, scientific activity could only be resumed once repression was no longer a threat to the development of experimental analysis of behavior.

Behavior analysis is recognized for its international active presence. Psychology in Spain, 10, This last was concerned with the application of operant principles to various topics. Behavior analysis in Ibero-America El legado de B.

B. F. Skinner’s legacy twenty years after (): Behavior analysis in Ibero-America

Even when it is clear that every reconstruction is incomplete, and surely contributions were left out, this type of reviews allows for a broad view of the development of behavioral analysis in Ibero-America.

Research programs In Argentina, the lines of research that utilized the experimental analysis of behavior have been related to psychophysiology, pedagogy, and both normal and pathological psychology. Consequently, the Iztacala project not only promoted further enhancement for numerous scholastic enthusiasts, but also attracted professors, from various Latin American countries, who were enduring the turmoil of armed conflicts in their respective nations.

August 18 th was the date of the twentieth anniversary of the death of B. However, it is clear that its leadership, focusing on experimental and theoretic work for over 50 years, is one of the most relevant in Ibero-America. Keller a scholar from the University of Columbia ; authors like Ardila and Todorov describe this encounter as the beginning of a “fruitful academic relationship”.


InArdila founded in the Universidad de los Andes an animal learning laboratory; during the same period of time existed the locally “famous” Laboratory of Experimental Psychology Watson Vinaccia, In this context, the addressed topics include anger mechanisms, interspecies communication between domestic dogs and humans, and single case studies with autistic individuals Mustaca, In Peru, experimental behavior analysis has possessed an eminently applied character, especially in the fields of education, special education, and clinical psychology Benites Morales, In this article we will present a current synthesis of the central Ibero-American contributions to Behavior analysis.

Election as the APA President; 7. TheBehavior Therapist, 6, In Guatemala, same as in Costa Rica and Centro America in general, Behavior analysis has had mostly an applied presence; in the case of countries like Salvador, the recent and open political commitment has generated more behavioral analytic presence in the undergraduate university curriculums, in therapy training programs and in some postgraduate courses Villalobos et al.

The applications in clinical and educational psychology stand out, especially those aimed at populations undergoing difficulty, and not necessarily for the advancement of healthy behavior. Not only were courses dictated on the mechanisms for behavioral modification, but administrative projects were developed to create laboratories and research programs.

Citations in texts; 3. In other words, the behavior analysis has traditionally maintained an emphasis on rehabilitation, more than promoting good health. The most eminent psychologists of the 20th century. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 64, A survey to psychologists; 4. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Its growth provides a set of opportunities for knowledge and technology transference and reminds us the psicologix of working for the development of educational and research programs and the arrangement of contingencies which enable its advance.

This allowed for the formation of research groups run by notable scholars, which published their findings through international journals. Aprendizaje y Comportamientoedited by Rafael Navarro Cueva. In Spain, early XX century scientific psychology was latent in other disciplines. It is necessary to review the nuances which each of these countries embrace behavior analysis.


More information of ABA Colombia may be found at http: Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 50, Skinner deja cinco grandes legados vigentes: Behavior analysis in Ibero-America. Among these, we have: Citations kfller journals; 2. Winner of the APA Award; 6.

Skinner leaves five major living legacies: International Journal of Psychology, 41 6, This design included a curricular arrangement which strongly favored a psychological formation based on the principles of objective science and experimental procedures.

A few years later, both were joined to configurate the Laboratorio de Conducta Ruiz et al. Skinner, the most influential American psychologist to date. Los efectos del reforzamiento independiente de la respuesta sobre el responder adquirido con reforzamiento demorado. Another characteristic of behavioral analysis in Ibero-America is the predominant interest for the applied field over basic science.

Nevertheless, Argentina felt the strong influence of a spiritualist movement. Perhaps due kller the social and economic conditions in these countries, there is urgency for the practical application of behavioral principles to the problems afflicting the general populace.

La definición de psicología

Similarly, the UNAM was visited and assessed by important professors of psicologix renown, such as Schoenfeld, Bijou, and Kantor, among others. In Argentina, the lines of research that utilized the experimental analysis of behavior have been related to psychophysiology, pedagogy, and both normal and pathological psychology. Eponym detected keyword associated with the author. Food-deprivation effects on punished schedule-induced drinking in rats.