View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 stereo instruction manual online. for helmets. Interphone F4 stereo Portable Stereo System pdf manual download. View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 manual online. stereo. Interphone F4 Telephone pdf manual download. Interphone F4 stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system review. The F4 instruction manual clearly describes how to use all of the.

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About the author Rick K. Do the same for the inerphone Bluetooth device and when that device is in pairing mode, simply wait until the quick flashing lights go out and the systems are paired. Interphone F4 Bluetooth Intercom.


Posted on Oct 01, Be the first to answer. This one lasted about weeks at which time the pressure retaining clip at the top got loose so that the device did not lock into place, the clip then broke within about 2 weeks. Yoy need to go to the settings section of the app you are using and want to change. Bluetooth intercom technology has evolved to a point where attaching the devices to the helmet is the most time-consuming part of the process — which is actually good news.

Page of 15 Go. About one month outside the warranty period I started having problems with one speaker cutting out intermittently.

This suggests that there is a materials problem with the units. Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions. All straight forward as per webBikeWorld and the F4 manual.


Blueant interphone F4 stereo Instruction Manual

I think you guys provide a valuable resource and I would have, based on your review, been happy with the product if I could have actually used it. The battery lasted all day, eight hours, and the two on one charger is very convenient. So…these f 4 units are new out of the box, on initial full charge, paired in rider passenger intercom mode. Your statement about everything working fine in Rider only mode also identifies another factor: I could hear them just as clearly as the music so tick that down as another selection criteria achieved.

Page 3 Bluetooth A2DP profile Wireless, water-resistant, windproof world class, the removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Motorcycle Kit can be used at up to mph and is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones. After about 2 months of use this also has started having the same intermittent cut-out.


Includes extra clips at end illustrating some features. Charger allows you to charge multiple devices, so couples who use the intercom all day can recharger quickly with just one outlet. If the F4 is in intercom mode, the discussion will be interrupted for a cell phone alert or GPS instructions if the GPS uses the telephone-style pairing mode profile; most GPS systems with built-in Bluetooth use this profile. The distances in Europe may not require something like this, but in North America, you can ride for 8 hours and not even cross into the next state or province, so longer-lasting batteries are always desirable.


Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle more. The first is the cryptic cheat sheet.

I fully charged one battery and left the other as inyerphone was, partially discharged after using it in our evaluations. Cell Phones Answered Yesterday. But the capability is there, although we did not evaluate it.

When using the F4 as a rider only unit with no intercom, everything works fine. There is no way to retrieve them.

Downloads – Interphone

I have three complaints. OK, so the Bluetooth intercom manufacturers have pretty much met all of our previous requests for improving these devices. I know a lot of people are against talking on the phone while riding.

The installation of the microphone and speakers with their respective cables required the usual removal of helmet liners and establishing the best location for these within the somewhat restrictive confines of a modern full-face helmet. Everything I have tried to pair up to it has worked with no problems. Update on battery life: So in the case of two F4 units, these have to be connected both in the same time to the F5.

Rather than having various tones and beeps and flashing lights to indicate the different modes, how about a voice on a chip that speaks real words? The system also supports voice calling and answering, which worked without problems on a couple of cell phones we tried.