Dark Matter, REPOhistory Lower Manhattan Sign Project REPOhistory, Creative Tools 4 Critical Times. Committed to Print MoMA , New Museum Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture (Marxism and Culture) [Gregory Sholette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . The book Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, Gregory Sholette is published by Pluto Press.

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Just about the time REPOhistory became entangled with the administration of Rudolph Giuliani inthe Mayor had lost an important case brought against him and the City for confiscating the work of artists who were selling art on city sidewalks. Overall, too much focus on culture jamming experiments of the past, not enough freshness the book came out in Sholette seems to veer from a passionate belief in the disturbing, if not revolutionary, power of dark matter: Denton Peter McCabe rated it liked it Aug 29, Gregory Sholette, a politically engaged artist, argues that imagination and creativity in the art world originate thrive in the non-commercial sector shut off from prestigious galleries and champagne receptions.

The Missing Mass 1. This outlines how and why we collect, store and use your personal data when you use our website. Cultural resistance is no new thing.

It would be a shame if daro readership was limited and did not include policy makers and those of us in and around other sectors of the cultural industries. He is the author of Art and Revolution ‘Masterfully illuminates the configurations, ideas, and behaviours of collectives dedicated to cultural resistance.

The REPOhistory collective consisted of NYC-based artists and activists whose primary conceit was to act as the self-appointed amateur historians for those who lacked visibility within public spaces where official commemorative statues and bronze plaques held sway.


To see what your friends thought of this eholette, please matger up. REPOhistory made the past uncomfortable for the present, directly on the streets of the city. Occupiers leaving Zuccotti Park on their way to the Brooklyn Bridge carrying aloft a cardboard painting along Lower Broadway, October 1, Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette is an enlightening read that has interconnected art in its eholette forms through society and its ever changing patterns in the distribution of power, the wealth of the people and the economy, and the fundamental belief in the pursuit of happiness.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture

Art is big business, with some artists able to command huge sums of yregory for their works, while the vast majority are ignored or dismissed by critics.

Matte on artists and work from the last thirty years which intelligently and actively seek alternatives to the entrenched “Art World” and “citadel culture”, Sholette pinpoints useful critiques and operating points for artists currently grappling with the challenge of working critically from a radical political perspective.

Ryder rated it really liked it Jun 03, How can one place such a value on art? In short, there is an awful lot sholetts this rich engaging text that deserves a wide academic and critical readership.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture by Gregory Sholette

Although this book is a dry, slow page turning text created in the trenches of academia, the world is certainly better for it having been published.

The reason for this focus on a very particular stratum of dark matter would then be more organic and less arbitrary. Precariat – combination of the words “precarious” and “proletariat”, referring to a class of workers who experience little to no job security or control over labor, lacking consistent living wage or certainty of employment, typically holding multiple dead-end part-time jobs at one time to make ends meet [there’s nothing new about that first gtegory, but it’s the mstter that feels more contemporary geegory, at least, sounds a lot like most of the people I know].


Andrew rated it really liked it Nov 01, Lists with This Book. Critical is derived, of course, from crises. Books by Gregory Sholette.

I am not arguing these sectors are the same, but there are essential labour process parallels that we must explore — as there is with the fashion industry.

Over the past few months these subgroups have generated a series of teach-ins, email exchanges, website postings, and. Indeed, to some degree this has already begun to take shape via media applications of Web 2. Unfortunately this kind of narrow mindedness penetrates all walks of life in America.

Amy Tobin rated it really liked it Nov 06, This book certainly allows us to give a name to, and begin to focus on, the creativity and cultural resistance that exists outside the art world proper. Di-ay rated it really liked it Mar 05, At the same time I also admit the possibility that what I am describing as a missing creative mass could also become a reactionary force of resistance.