A biography of New Thought writer Frank Channing Haddock, best known for his Power-Book Library which included the Power of Will, Power for Success, etc. Power of Will has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Three parts embracing the Theory and Practice of a Growing Will; Direct Control of the Personal. 1 quote from Frank Channing Haddock: ‘Personal life is a play between powers without and powers within the central function of Will. Personal life ends in.

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The silent, persistent demand of the self upon the Universal Magnetism makes it a center toward which the Forces naturally gravitate.

David channijg it as to-read Feb chanjing, You should instantly force consciousness to the higher ground, expelling these enemies and holding up to the better mood. If you project, that surface through to III, you are a fine moral person. I have received many letters from people who are distressed by their fears. You are invited, therefore, to remember that thousands of people have felt similarly at first, have then caught a glimpse of the truth here and there, and finally have experienced a wondrous recognition of the New Dawn which has now surely come to the world.

Of course the language of assertion will vary with each individual, but this is immaterial. But let us say that the warning should be understood as given to reason, that fear need not channingg at all, and that the panic is perfectly useless pain. That alone is religion.

Frank Channing Haddock

This result has required at least a year of persistent effort. Five years ago I wrote in this identical place in our study these words: And you are finally urged to return to the first lesson and to repeat the work, greatly improved, through frnk you have passed.

Title Mastery of Self. Hearts are thrilling with courage. Thanks for telling us about the problem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Suffer-fear is always a product of diseased imagination. Let us think of one fixed star. Long-continued association with some fixed, great and attractive idea sets into operation certain deep, subconscious operations of the soul, which, for a time unrecognized and unmanifest in life, gradually and surely coordinate all individual powers thereto, induce a working of the whole system in harmony therewith, and finally emerge in the objective life and consciousness as a unified, actual dynamic force.

See the small booklet, “The Personal Atmosphere. Even when the general arena of success in life has been closed out of consideration, as in these pages, Success- Magnetism defies any single mind to fathom it or to bound it.

Power of Will

This attitude toward Truth has influenced for the better every legitimate activity of man. This book has all along insisted that magnetic success imperatively demands the life of highest honor. Paperbackpages. Launch out in chwnning New Thought of Life, and receive, as you do so, whatever is rightly your own, as you are increasingly able to do so. I affirm the Infinite Life to be my Friend.

Biography of Frank Channing Haddock ()

Therefore every age has torn off some of the ancient outer things, and insisted at last on truth alone. In other words, personal magnetism in operation requires NONE of these talents, except, perhaps, telepathy and genuine palmistry– the study of hands as indicative physiologically not occultly of present character not past or future events.

In revising its pages the author is more than ever satisfied that the volume is a great inspiration and of incalculable value to those who will make it, as designed, a Companion For Life. Psychic Magnetism assists Physical Health; 9.

Browse Related Browse Related. They are commended to your approval. Power for Success by Frank Channing Haddock. Self-pity, complaint, and all kindred states, confuse, weaken and waste every variety of magnetic power, while heroic acceptance of conditions for their hxddock, and courageous assertion of self as master, conserve and enormously develop the noblest magnetism in proportion to the sway of the magnetic intention.


It is not a long run of the centuries since he quaked before the gloom of the forest, the solitude of the hills, the fog of the vast sea, and, creating innumerable gods and devils by that wizard of distortion, the imagination, lodged them in every object of existence under and in the heavens. If you can remember that the White Life or Universe and you have the same desire, your highest welfare, you can banish the fear-element, reserving only the reason-assurance element.

The response of the person may be delayed, but this should not discourage you, for some minds do not take suggestions those of your unspoken will are referred to quickly, and they do not act instantly upon their own channning. Title Courage Power Call it what you will.

You are invited, now, to seize and use the spirit of this attitude of appropriation for your own welfare and power. It permits no show of irritation.

The old adjustments no longer satisfy. Such phases of reason are legitimate in their place, if freed from cunning and deceit, but the higher reason is to these as a woman’s love–look is to the glitter of ice.

Furthermore, fear is, now of the nerves, now of the mind, now of the moral consciousness. Then should I scan the littlest laws Their mightier kin unfolding, Detect the essence of all Cause And see the Cosmos molding; Then should I run, a new-born god, the race Begun with thought, complete in planet-space.