Using Fractogel® EMD Tentacle Supports. Ion Exchange Chromatography . 3: BSA binding capacity of Fractogel® EMD TMAE (S) at linear flow rates up to . Fractogel® EMD TMAE Hicap (M). Ion Exchange chromatography using strong anion exchangers. Fractogel® ion exchangers are cross-linked. Sigma-Aldrich offers EMD Millipore, MiniChrom Column Fractogel® TMAE (S), 1 ml for your research needs. Find product specific information including.

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The increase in time that particles are exposed to BSA at lower flow rates, enables the BSA to overcome the mass transfer limitations as a result of the fouling, thus restoring DBC to pre-fouled levels. Published online Mar Against this background, the characterization of fouling is an extremely important issue, but in spite of this, relatively few systematic investigations of packed bed chromatography column fouling have been reported in the literature.

Experimental methodology for investigating clean, partially found, and extensively fouled resin samples. Open in a separate window. This has provided valuable insight into the relationship between foulant location and the tnae processing effect.

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In the clean resin Fig. Visualising fouling of a chromatographic matrix using confocal scanning laser microscopy. These are regions where particle—particle contact occurs within the packed bed, and show little or no fouling. High-throughput screening of chromatographic separations.

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Each time the cumulative load challenge reached one of the predefined amounts, the fracctogel in progress was allowed to run to completion, that is, the column washed, eluted, sanitized, and placed into storage buffer according to the methodology set out previously Materials and Methods: A miniaturized flowcell was fabricated similar in design to that used by Hubbuch and Kula This was followed by 5 CV’s of 1.


Visualizing two-component protein diffusion in porous adsorbents by confocal scanning laser microscopy. In this study the foulant was shown to progressively build up on the particle surface using SEM.

This is typically done by a simple linear profile evaluation through the central cross section of a scanned particle Hubbuch and Kula, More detailed analysis of the data indicated that the initial uptake of BSA by clean resin was roughly twice as fast as uptake by extensively fouled resin, indicating fouling significantly impacts mass transfer.

In the following, we first present the results from SEM imaging and batch uptake experiments which give initial indication of the foulant location and the progressive nature of the effect with cycle number. High throughput screening of chromatographic separations: In addition to the pore blocking, images CX and CY show larger pieces of clumped material on the particle surface that were common throughout fouled and partially fouled particles. The results suggest the foulant is located on the particle surface, resulting in a minimal decrease in saturation capacity, but having a significant impact on the kinetics of adsorption, severely decreasing protein uptake rate.

The technique uses a flowcell to measure changes at various stages of fouling in resin capacity and uptake kinetics, at a particle level. The turbidity of the protein A pool was Although standard clean-in-place CIP procedures can help restore columns towards their original state, fouling by certain types of material is often irreversible under typical conditions Jin et al.


Clean resin had the fastest uptake, followed by partially fouled, then extensively fouled resin. The large number of confocal images from the flowcell experiments were processed to generate a reliable set of radial light intensity profiles. Effect of fouling on the capacity and breakthrough characteristics of a packed bed ion exchange chromatography column. Column Studies Column breakthrough experiments were used for studying the effect of the foulant on resin performance.

Demonstration of the use of windows of operation to visualise the effects of fouling on the performance of a chromatographic step. Abstract Fouling of chromatographic resins over their operational lifetimes frractogel be a significant problem for commercial bioseparations. Evaluation of the impact of lipid fouling during the chromatographic purification of virus-like particles from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Frits were placed at either end of the channel, which was then connected to a syringe pump.

Protein A peak pools contained the product of interest, host cell protein, DNA and residual protein A which had leached from the affinity capture resin, and approximately 3. Fouling on partially fouled resin surface is not as obvious, but does show an intermediate level of pore blockage Fractogwl. Breakthrough would have been expected to remain sharp if the mass transfer was not effected by fouling, which was not the case.

Fouling effect on BSA reporter molecule breakthrough and dynamic binding capacity. All chemicals were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Dorset, UK and were of analytical grade unless stated otherwise.