FM 10-500-3 PDF

Prepare and install one GE cargo parachute or three G cargo parachutes to the A cargo bag according to FM /TO 13C FM /TO 13C, 21 August , is changed as follows: 1. New or changed material is , c1. , c1. ARMY FM (FM ). AIR FORCE TO . This publication supersedes FM /TO 13C, 31 October FM /TO 13C

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Preparing Inner Container a. Water, drinking, 3 gallons, twenty-four ounce zip-top cans Weight: Airdrop Equipment Update 1-0500-3 Make sure that the tape extends at feast 6 inches down both sides of the container Slide the honeycomb- protected inner container into the outer container.

Filled with gallons of water, each drum weighs pounds. Filled with gallons of potable water, each drum weighs 2, pounds and is 105-00-3 inches long and 40 inches in diameter. Preparing and Positioning Honeycomb Prepare and position the honeycomb on the plat- form as shown in Figure Parachute release attached CI.


Make sure that the tape extends at least 6 inches down the aides nf the container. Water containers placed and bound. It is made up of a fiber board box and a plastic bag insert. Through the front shackle of the second drum.


Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Airdrop, extraction force transfer w cable: Parachute restraint straps installed CI. Therefore, maintaining Joint Inspection training program is no longer required for this equipment. The milk-dispensing container filled with 5 gallons of water weighs 42 pounds. Honeycomb placed on platform CI.

FM Titles (Version 5.7, 6-21-01) Remarks A B

FigurePlywood and honeycomb secured CI. Cross 10-5003 and glue the second layer of four 6- by inch pieces of honeycomb. Center i1 over the honeycomb kit. The rigged load data for this specific load is listed below.

Stencil the following information on the container: FigureInner container reinforced. Tj Bolt a I 2-foot sling to each tandem link using a large suspension clevis.

Insert the plastic bag into the fiber- board box. Seal the closed end with 3-inch tape. Wrap four bands of tapa twice around each container as shewn. Reinforcing Packing Case Reinforce the packing case with 1-inch filament-reinforced tape applied as shown in figure As required ft Cover: Through the rear 10-5000-3 of the center drum.


Those rigging procedures which have dual application with the type V platform are still valid for the type V 1-0500-3. Through the rear shackle of the third drum.

FM – Airdrop Support Operations in a Theater of Operations –

Rigged load data must be verified. 100-500-3 Aircraft, Place a foot cargo extraction parachute and a foot 3 -looptype XXVI nylon webbing extraction line on the load for installation in the aircraft. Adhesive, 2-in Filament, reinforced, 1 -in Webbing: Rigging Typical Supply Loads. The point of contact for this action is Mr.