Enslaved: Odyssey to the West concept art is digital, print, drawn, or model artwork created by the official artists for the developer(s) and publishers of the title. The Many Faces Of Trip And Other Enslaved: Journey To The West art of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword plus personal works in an art book. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Collector’s Edition (Xbox ): Collector’s Edition; Includes The Game, 48 Page Art Book and Original Soundtrack.

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Pigsy is the type of character whose bizarre looks, in most games, would draw your attention like an industrial strength magnet. The concept artists played around with the typical human bone structure so that they can make Monkey more like a person coming out of the wild. The road was rocky; half the time the entire development for the then-upcoming Xbox exclusive Kung Fu Chaos was done in a room as small as a cubicle while looking for investments to no avail.

TALEXI’S WORLD: Enslaved mini Art Book

Finally, Gamestop in Ireland has a hard-backed Enslaved art book. He loves color; we all love color. Can you give artnook a hint on what it is? Using Animation To Get Your Point Across As an animation student back then, her approach to conveying game design ideas goes side-by-side with her animation work.

Obviously, people wanted Heavenly Sword to be longer.

Looking back, were there any things you wished to change about the game at all? The world itself is fantastical yet grounded with some logic.

Can I pick two laughs? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Sadly not available in the UK or France Comes with artbook and game artbooj. Pre-visualization is another technique that helps get your vision across, especially when artbooj came to portraying the cinematic combat of Heavenly Sword.


Odyssey To The West. She can draw fire away from other enemies and distract them. She also does not believe in having her employees multi-tasking ala Naughty Dogs for Uncharted 2, nor does she believe in branching out Ninja Theory into different companies.

I read the actual novel six or seven years ago. Well, every other company except Sony. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A brief demo broke up into three distinct sections, it started off with a shooting gallery of a mission where Monkey had enxlaved quickly run through an old scrap yard using his staff this being the future, it can naturally fire plasma shots to do away with robotic enemies perched atop high lookouts with every enslaaved to shoot him dead.

I think all of these collaborations helped raise the quality of our game, as well as bring them into our industry. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Comes with artbook and game soundtrack.

How did Sony enter into the picture when it came to Heavenly Sword? After becoming an Art Manager for the Cambridge studio, she felt that she needed to branch out and form her own enslavex.

Since it was tough to translate the motion-capture dots on the wetsuit to character models, they had to hire enslafed mathematician to do proper calculations on making it possible.

The Many Faces Of Trip And Other Enslaved: Journey To The West Artwork

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of enslavwd posts by email. Another technique to convey your game idea is through concept videos.


It makes the game a lot more tactical and collaborative. It is, by most any measure, a looker.

Unfortunately inpublisher Argonaut got into a bit of financial trouble; so much so that the developers had to reform under a new moniker after a management buy-out. His tattoos are also a nice touch; they happen to be war scars that he draws onto himself whenever he dispatches a huge robot from his past adventures.

She brought a recent example using style tests from Enslaved. The new demo of Enslaved we saw today at Gamescom threw yet a few more ingredients into that mix. After seeing an early video of Heavenly Sword, Andy Serkis liked it and was hundred-percent on-board. Judging from the look of things, Enslaved seems to be living up to the high standards Ninja Theory set for themselves.

The cyber-adaptation of Journey To The West or the post apocalyptic world? She talked a bit about her history starting work in the game industry business in Millenium Interactive Ltd. Unlike earlier levels where ammo is scarce, encouraging more hand-to-hand combat, this area was littered with ammunition.

Compared to the final product, the theme of a tragic story and Asian fantasy influences are still prevalent, but the overall look and visual style are very different from one another.