Effectrix brings time-synced, high-quality audio manipulation to your touch screen studio. A playful workflow, refined algorithms and carefully parameterised. In Effectrix this option has been realized as automatible “pattern keys”. Therefore please check the manual (on page 9) for “Remote List”. Ok correct me if I’m wrong. But how hard is it to have say 5 or 8 audio tracks with whatever effects you desire on each of them and manually.

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You know you can’t resist the Maybe there’ll be a sale soon: Chill, ma baby sheople: If you like, do it all at once. Unless you use Kore and then you can actually use midi from the same track for both a midi instrument and Artillery by keysplit, which is cool, and still have audio going from the instrument to Artillery.

Except with Effectrix you don’t need to duplicate effect devices between chains. It doesn’t always come down to what you can do, but manua you enjoy doing and I’m telling you, effectrix is more enjoyable than Live device methods.

It works in audiobus fx slot. The Empireal Formula wrote: No idea how the hell to ,anual live sound going in through Audiobus. I will report again later after I go mental It is weird using backwards FX at the same time as moments of completely wet, reverberated signal looping forwards, stuttering, and dffectrix FX like Chorus and Phasing; a really incredible number of processors all working at once, but moving the sound in multiple directions!


Effectrix | Effects Sequencer with 14 effects.

Mix and balance, add a bit of subtle reverb and that’s it! This is like having 12 effects racks in parallel with different combinations of effects on each and having a macro knob to switch between them. Kobamoto rin i just bought Electrify Nxt if you want to see some functions of the app let me know and i will upload a vid, english is not my first language but maybe works for you.

And Does it resample? I totally caved in and raised the rating with one star, to keep Gargamel at bay.

The big advantage of Effectrix over the manual approach, is how the effects are laid out in a sequencer. Have to get an iTunes card before I purchase this app. So then there’s dummy clips effecttix setting up fancy routing.

The loops sound great run through the FX sequencer, ,anual the effects are phenomenal, but like all Sugarbytes releases, severely fucked on first release.

When they added IAA to Thesys the screen became blank on my ipad but I didn’t freak out and within a few days the update was there and it works quite well.

Finest Audio Manipulation

Ahh finally, the original evil machine arrives. Effectrix on the other hand is cool because the pattern switcher, which can be triggered by midi notes the little keyboard graphiccan also be changed by a single control, available to automation. Sun Feb 18, 8: Tue Oct 26, He just wants to make music like the rest of us By painting colored blocks across a sequencer, quite simply, your tracks metamorphose into fireworks.

ChrisG did nothing I have not done. Every single port from Sugar Bytes have been a hack job at best, Auria plugs included.


Now, about that fucking credit card The evil machine Impostor has left the building, and the real Evil Machine has stepped in Use Effectrix to refine your beats, enrich them with scratches or give them further complexity by looping, delaying, or reverberating phrases.

Effectrix is the highly addictive games compendium for demanding sound fetishists.

Creative Multi Effect

I don’t wanna keep switching between apps when copying multiple files, so thank god for ACP 2. Or do i need another app for midi sync?

When first starting to use the app and the built in loops, its awesome. Lol maybe they write everything out effwctrix German and then hit google translate and leave it at janual. But when I try to export, I only get the dry signal with Audio copy evfectrix. I’ll keep you posted Joking reference to ChrisG calling me a sheep after saying I loved Effectrix, but do not have so much love for ACP 2, which he defends in absolutely unsheeplike fashion.

The effects, each exceeding conventional wisdom, cover a wide spectrum from classy standards to scandalising splatter sprees. Keeps it uncluttered and better with hardware controllers like the APC. Ever since Loop Twister was released, I’ve been yearning for LT to reach the dizzy heights of control that it’s daddy app, Effectrix was capable of.