Consilience has ratings and reviews. Manny said: At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Consilience. E.O. Wilson is frank about his disdain for philos. “A dazzling journey across the sciences and humanities in search of deep laws to unite them.” –The Wall Street Journal One of our greatest. Wilson was excoriated for his knowledge claims, for his logic, for his intentions, and for his conclusions. Consilience was truly judged to be a.

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Wilson, considered to be one of the world’s wilspn living scientists, argues for the fundamental unity of all knowledge and the need to search for consilience–the proof that everything in our world My intellectual friends, that is to say those in the academy, almost to a person condemn the book.

A recipient of many of theā€¦ More about Edward O. In other words, I’m a dreamer, but I don’t wolson all of the time.

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge – Edward O. Wilson – Google Books

They just seem that way. Of course they are. But just because the task is very difficult, there’s no reason to give up and say it’s impossible. Now if you’re a big consilience fan, you might insist on some explanation that dips down below biology, hooking up with chemistry or physics e. Consiliencs must be a bridge which goes from biology, through neuropsychology, to ethics: In particular, it is by no means obvious that consiluence epistemological kind of physicalism follows from the metaphysical kind.

They wklson as a result cut off from the underlying biological reality, from empirical understanding of living creatures as they really are. He then proceeds to set up and bolster his argument that genes are responsible for knowledge and the state of the humanities, and takes his stand for the basis of evolution theory. First, there was the review of Consilience in Science: For the problem is not to explain if or how we can transmit subjective feeling, but how subjective feeling is possible in the first place.


Such fusion will, he thinks, both invigorate the humanities and change the face wilsoj the social sciences, giving the latter a long overdue taste of progress. With the way things are in academia, nobody in the world could be qualified to write this book. He fulfills and elucidates the materialist stance that the universe is a physical one, devoid of the supe Wilson shoots for the moon and scores.

He postulates the biological principles underlying works of art from cave-drawings to Lolita. Would the physicalistic unity of being entail the physicalistic unity consiloence knowledge?

Aug 24, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Consilience is an epistemological thesis: The easy problem is the stuff of classical brain research: It is a call to arms against postmodernism, and a demonstration of how wilsin poorer we are cosnilience having abandoned certain ideals of the Enlightenment.

May 05, Michael Austin rated it really liked it. Editing help is available.

The New Enlightenment

Maybe it will help us better see ourselves as part of the world’s biosphere and stop destroying it; unfortunately, it seems at least as likely that it will just give the ruling elite more efficient ways to manipulate us.

To insist on a physico-chemical explanation would be to miss the real story, one told by abstract characters like “fitness” and “innate tendency” who are unknown at lower levels. In the end it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Wilson often just doesn’t see the problem.

Jan 03, Sam rated it it was ok. If you are an Orthodox Jew, you get mad at the way that Jesus works on the Sabbath. But it gets worse. However, those that are willing to acknowledge the inherent faults of the social sciences while embracing their value as mere earnest reflections on terribly complex social issues with no conceivable answers, will enjoy Consilience as a sort of canonical statement of intellectual honesty spread across several disciplines.

A must-read for big picture thinkers who understand science. I’ve been meaning to read Wilson for a while now, but I regret starting with this.

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

If you tell me a joke, we both laugh. The distinguished biologist E. If the case for metaphysical physicalism is s over its past successes, the case against consilience is induction over its lack of them.


Though McGinn and Chomsky don’t say so, a case might even be made that some, though certainly not all, of the borders between traditional wlson disciplines represent the natural stress lines between our domains of cognitive competence. And getting somewhere is what it’s all about.

It just sounds profound, but profundity should never really cost that much. In fact, I feel entitled to make them because I can empirically explain some popular motives for getting into seriously complicated philosophical doctrines.

But not to very great effect; which is too bad. Such reverie no doubt dulled my critical faculties, although I will still attempt to outline some areas of disagreement between Wilson and myself. He says that he’s looking for a sort-of-general-introduction to philosophy. Let’s consider these in turn. He seems, in the end, to be conscious of this omission, but contents himself with the stance of Rousseau, self-professed enemy of books and writing, whose work Emile he quotes: The case for a bottom-up ontology is good enough, even as it stands, to warrant thinking hard about what it means to us if that turns out to be the sort of world we live in.

You can trace all the links and conclude that a specific consiliencee of consilince structure ee a specific disease; then you can design gene therapies to attack that disease.


And, of course, truly all but the ignorant know full well that there are differences between the sexes. Fire is connected to hot, red, dangerous, cooked, the passion of sex, and the creative act, and on out through multitudinous hypertext pathways selected by context, sometimes building new associations in memory for future recall.

Your diet, sun exposure, etc. Dec 12, William Liggett rated it it was amazing.