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Nu on Dbeian 25, Es gibt ein neues WordPress-Update. You can get more information on the upgrade here. Pingback from WordPress 2. This is a low-to-medium priority update […].

The release notes are available here. However this is another post on upgrading WordPress to 2. I figured if I have to keep up with all the security updates, I might as well just build a script […].

Go here for more info about the new release. After upgrading to the latest version 2. To see how active the project is check out our Trac timelineit often has 20—30 updates per day.

This one is a minor release after Ella has been unleashed on us. Pingback from WordPress Goes to Version 2. You can download the release at the WordPress download site here. Trackback from SigT on February 22, Mehr bei Frank und auf WordPress. There was a bug in the auto-formatting that reared anwednerbuch ugly head in the contact form plugin.


With that in mind, you should take the time to […]. Der Patch ist ja schliesslich schon ne halbe Stunde alt. Trackback from Qrystal Illusions on February 23, Mais detalhes no blog do desenvolvedor. Com on February 24, Pingback from WordPress Update auf 2. So yeah, go get it. Just make sure you select the correct upgrade. According to Matt, the version 2.


Possivelmente isto deve acontecer […]. Pentru discutii despre WordPress 2. This is a mandatory upgrade. WordPress geht erneut in die Update-Runde und legt wieder zwei Versionen nach. It is recommended that everyone install this upgrade to edbian over 30 little bugs that they found in the last major revision.

Der desktop torrent linux – linotype fontexplorer herunterladen online

Subscribe to WordPress News. This is a low-to-medium priority update recommended for all WordPress users. It includes some minor 30 alterations, not a big update, but recommended.

COMe on February 23, O Das irritiert mich jetzt doch ein anwenedrbuch. The list of changed files can be found at the WordPress development blog.


debiab Pingback from Zach Malmgren on February 23, What made this possible was that there were no database […]. Pingback from Upgrade to WordPress 2. Losing it[1] on February 22, Ada orang pecah masuk ke dalam server dan modified […].

If you are running WordPress, go get it. These are both bugfix and security releases. Pingback from Moslemen M. Ich habe es bereits installiert und soweit habe ich keine Probleme […].

Grund genug, meine 2. Just in case if anyone is interested on what are the files changes from WordPress 2. Pingback from Joe Levi: A new security and bugfix update has been released by the WordPress development team. Also, completely unrelated to this, I was talking with a friend this morning, and we were discussing name changes i…. And ended up somehow nuking the whole anwenderbucu. The release of WordPress 2.

You can download it from our release archive.