Model Specifications. Manufacturer(s). Datron. Instrument Model: Description: Autocal Multifunction Calibrator. Instrument Type(s). Calibrator. Application. Find great deals for DATRON AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Datron | Sale | Rental | Lease – Calibrator. Datron Calibrator. Contact us for pricing and availability. Description; Options.

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Use Calculation A if the was last calibrated by Datron.

They also appear on the rear of the instrument next to the interface connector. DC specification and then AC specification. External common-mode voltages are significant. It can be comi.

The procedures contained 470 this Section provide tlie essential information for setting up such routines. Always keep interconnecting leads as short -as possible, especially unscreened lengths.

The selected address can be temporarily displayed on the front panel when in manual control, by touching Error and then Guard.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice.

The power-up sequence is performed as for manual operation. Uncertainty and Traceability 6.

Datron 4700

Once the relevant uncertai. Total Tolerance Limit Calculations 7.

Traceable to National Standards, by the addition of DatronCs Calibration Uncertainty figures printed in- die specifications. It should be carried out as two independent vertifications: At frequencies higher than about lOOkHz, the error is also modified by reactive effects.

Low Thermal | Repair | Wavetek/Datron , , and

The arrangement provides a calibrated 2- wire facility with external connection to the HI and Lo terminals. Testing Steps If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction. Current Ranges 1mA to lA.


OA, Hi and Lo terminals fused at 3. Sum the Verification setup uncertainties and record in the Us column as current deviations Refer to Appendix 5.

Full details of the operation Of Specification mode are given in Section 4. Otherwise the procedure is similar to that for DC Voltage Calibration. Reference to the appropriate calculation is given in each procedure. Users requiring to Section 7. The checks may be carried out ei. Avoid themio-electric junctions where possible: This zero display value cannot be recalibrated. Referto Section 4 page Fit the two rear rack-mounting ears to the rear of the cabinet, with tongues facing forward.

Fit the two rack-mounting slides to the rear of the case sides and secure using six of the shorter screws in the option kit N. Reset Check The program ensures that user tests the Reset action. The Stability specification should only be refen’ed to, when checking against the same standard used for the previous calibration. At any time when the output is off and not under remote control, a user may conduct a sequenced lest of the displays, keyboard, safety circuitry and Reset function.

But see Safety Delay Override command D1 in the text. The instrument can form part of a system by means of the IEEE standard digital interface. Run leads together as twisted pairs in a common screen to reduce loop pick-up area, but beware of leakage problems and excessive capacitance.


Activation of Commands — what the does with the commands it receives. Preparation Before any calibration is carried out, prepare the as follows: Audible reminder pulses continue at approx, i sec.

Sum the Verification setup uncertainties and record m the Us column as voltage deviations- Refer to Appendix 5. As tlie display value is stepped to zero, the polarity sign disappears, and the opposite sign appears as stepping continues in the same direction.

If the FAIL 5 message is present, there is no automatic recovery from the tripped state whether iiiternai conditions have or have not returned to nomial.

The desired voltage is visible in the cutout below the fuse. The ion to lOkn should be 4- wire type,’ – an accurate resistance bridge, or other dztron device for measuring resistance to the required accuracy. Terminate the test routine, 4. Therefore the has been designed satron inhibit datrin other sequence. The controller holds the REN line true when taking remote control. During calibration the actual value is measured and stored in the calibration memory to be displayed whenever that range is selected.

Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. Use conductors with a good margin of cun’cnt-carryiiig capacity.

Points for Millivolt Dxtron.