Expert marketing advice on Strategy: what are the critics of Ansoff matrix posted by Anonymous, question Limitations of using Ansoff’s Matrix as a decision-making tool. Ansoff’s Matrix is often criticised for being too simplistic as it doesn’t taken into consideration the. Analysis Of Risks And Rewards Marketing Essay. ASSESMENT. Colin Price. Word count: 3,1. Critically evaluate how the Ansoff matrix might be used to assist .

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What do you conclude? This strategic management should continuously be followed and further growth and development with innovation and technology should be further enhanced.

However Unilever maintained the environmental safety by reducing the waste upto 5. The operation of the organisation and product demand can be severely affected and more its costs.

So ansogf Unilever has developed its products according to the local needs and desire of the people for instance the detergents were further developed according to the local clothing material used. Unilever also earlier had expanded to most of Europe and main developing countries and achieved maximum growth in North America.

Similarly company have community programme where 9. These may be too limited as a basis for policy decisions. This analysis can also be used by the management of the company to reflect upon the position of the company to make right decision. Environmental waste has become very crucial these days. Recession or economic downturn.

Criticism against the brand. On the other hand the wastes of the company manufacturing plant were increasing to about 7. By considering ways to grow via existing. In simple words it draws a figure of Unilever of where it was and where it going and thus enables us to make sound forward planning for the betterment and development of the company.


Technology is another factor to be considered for the success of the organisation. Finally it also succeeded in formation of Germany market in the early 1.

Unilever further owns laboratories around the globe for research and innovation of new products and improve the existing ones.

Further expansion into other countries. Anssoff reflected the existing market and new market emergence furthermore existing and new products into the market. Therefore strategic management is simply appropriate analysis of the organisation. Another imperative factor which has significant impact on the operation and decisions of the organisation is economic issues. This factor includes cultural and social aspects which is different in every region.

ansff To understand where you stand with respect to your competition, I would suggest. Therefore it can be concluded that there has been ups and downs in the life of Unilever but it has ever managed to survive in any conditions and compete their major competitors because they imply strict strategic planning in their systems.

Ansoff is the perfect model for Unilever to gain knowledge and idea about the environment of growth because since the beginning of Unilever it is consistent and committed for growth and development. SWOT analysis is useful in terms of watching the current trends and future opportunities of an organisation. The primary dependency for raw material of Amtrix products are on natural resources and water specifically.


The Boston Consulting Group has now developed a further matrix to meet this criticism. Any weakness in these aspects provides advantage to a competitor which is none of the businesses.

Persil and other power detergents was developed as a key challenger for the competitors.

Ansoff’s Matrix

Managing Your Innovation Portfolio. Unilever nationalised its business in some countries. Therefore in case of Unilever, continuous growth and development has been the spine of the business since it has begun its operation Bhaskaran, 2. To portray alternative corporate growth strategies, Igor Ansoff presented a matrix that focused on the firm’s present and potential products and markets customers.

Ansoff’s Matrix – Advantages and disadvantages table in A Level and IB Business Studies & Economics

Brand reputation is the crucial asset of any business which should be protected at all time because once lost cannot recover back. These aspects in any business have vast effect on the future strategy development. Moreover Lifebouy was for the people with low earning especially labour Bhaskaran, 2. Increase innovation through technology. Marketing and sales department performance on top of company standards.

Unilever acquired India and China resulted as key markets for the organisation where continuous growth has been seen.