ERROR ANALYSIS, INTERLANGUAGE AND. SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION. S. P. Corder. University of Edinburgh. 1. In the course of learning a second. Error analysis and interlanguage. Front Cover. Stephen Pit Corder. Oxford University Press, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. “Corder, S. Pit. Error Analysis and Interlanguage. Oxford: Oxford University Press, ” Canadian Modern Language Review, 40(4), pp. –.

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Is it possible to formalize the relationship that should hold between constructions that are considered translation equivalents by a “competent bilingual”?

Error analysis (linguistics)

Thus the theoretical aspect of EA is as worthy of study in and of itself as is that of child language acquisition and can, in turn, provide insights into the process of language acquisition in general. University of Illinois, The term “Interlanguage” is becoming established in the current literature on the subject, possibly because it is neutral as to the directionality of attitude-the other two terms imply a T1- centered perspective.

Center for Applied Linguistics, There have been two schools of thought when it comes to errors analysis and philosophy, the first one, according to Corder linked the errors commitment with the teaching method arguing that if the teaching method was adequate, the errors would not be committed, the second school believed that we live in an imperfect world and that errors correction is something real and the applied linguist cannot do without it no matter what teaching approach they may use.


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The example, provided by J. In the words of Ferguson”. Taking certain operational terms to demonstrate the approach, she comes to the following conclusion: On the basis of these data, the investigator can reconstruct the learner’s linguistic system.

The third source that has been considered to support the CA hypothesis see Section 1. According to Dulay et al. Krashen’s”monitor” model of TL performance is another.

The University of Chicago Press, interlanguaeg Applied linguistics Second-language acquisition Speech error.

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Even a cursory glance at the extensive bibliographies by Hammer and Rice and Gageas well as the volumes of IRAL, Language Learning and other journals, reveals that the major emphasis has been on contrasting phonological systems. Linguistic Circle of New York, Perhaps the single most influential work on this question is Krezeszowski If anything, recent cordee in the theory and methodology of EA and IL have explicitly incorporated the assumptions and methodology of CA in their models see Forder 2.

Znalysis, it will not be disputed annalysis the application of the TG model has made it possible for comparisons and contrasts to be insightful and sophisticated to a degree unimaginable two decades ago. CorderCookRichards a. For a detailed discussion of the “predictive” versus “explanatory” version of the CA hypothesis, see Sections 1. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Grounded Theory in Applied Linguistics Research.


EA has too often, he argues, concerned itself exclusively with the “applied” goal of correcting and eradicating the learner’s errors at the expense of the more important and logically prior task of evolving an explanatory theory of learner’s performance. Selinker’s impressionistic observations on the emergence of “fossilized” elements in the learner’s language under certain circumstances are the first step toward recognition and exploration of this important aspect cf.

Views Read Edit View history. Child Language, Aphasia, and Linguistic Theory. The argument of Newmark and Reibel has been answered by James and I shall not go into it here. You could not be signed in. Since the assumptions underlying the current approach to EA and IL are identical, I shall postpone discussion of these questions until after we have examined the concept of IL in more detail.