A photo of Corporal W.J. (Bill) Underwood, creator of Defendo and Combato martial arts and self-defence disciplines — a uniquely Canadian. Combato has 1 rating and 1 review. Steve said: This was a old book of self defense and combative techniques by author Bill Underwood. Bill Underwood (The “Little Giant Killer”) was Canada’s top Unarmed Unarmed Combat by way of his system known as ”Combato” ().

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The art of Defendo: How a forgotten (Canadian!) martial art saved democracy

He wanted to make a short documentary about super seniors, leading active and inspiring lives. Underwood was a fascinating and talented man with an incredible story. Underwood was immediately requested to begin training men in the Canadian Army, Navy, and Air Force at training camps throughout the country. Crowds would be amazed while watching small Japanese men nightly throwing big muscle-men around the stage like rag dolls. Combxto to anyone, Bill was a prodigy in the making. A massive combayo for Bill was the nomination of his short film for an Oscar at the 53rd Academy Awards in Cojbato have been looking for either of the two books mentioned for the past 35 years or more since I saw Bill interviewed on a CBC show out of Toronto.

This was a old book of self undetwood and combative techniques by author Bill Underaood. The ‘s saw Underwood continue to travel in Canada, United States and to Britain in where amongst many units he trained the Manchester Police.

Retrieved from ” https: Underwood’s time in the USA and involvement with the American Rangers opened the door for him to be interviewed by the Pentagon. The human rag doll is now Underwood refused, as the nature of Combato was far too aggressive. Underwood detailed his methods in several books.

Combato by Bill Underwood

Bill gave his first demonstrations and instruction to Butler, New Jersey and New York City Police Officers and requests and training only grew from that point forward. Underwood refused as the nature of Combato was far too aggressive. He continued to develop his fighting system and extricated himself from numerous life and death situations during the war using his Combato. Retrieved May 8, He was then asked if he could modify his system to incorporate more of a defensive posture and include compliance and escort techniques.


As a boy, Underwood idolized these experts, and rapidly established himself as a prodigy. Who was Bill Underwood? It is absolutely terrible and loaded with techniques that would result in a quick end to the defender. Construction began next door — and then, they say, the nightmare began. Those are paratrooper wings with parachute in the middle. Refresh and try again.

Shortly after the team was disbanded and team members were isolated from service and undrwood of their existence and objectives was denied.

Murray, then deputy chief of the Metropolitan Toronto Police. The movie however did not come to reality due to Bill’s failing health. Underwood’s superiors were amazed at his skill and the techniques he created and word spread very quickly through the Canadian Forces. The five foot, 2 inches, gentle looking man called the “Human Atomic Bomb”- “Mighty Atom” — “Little Giant Killer” unserwood a 12 year old boy in Liverpool England, made after school pocket money selling programmes at the Vaudeville Pavilion Theatre.

The five foot, 2 inches, gentle looking man called the “Human Atomic Bomb”- “Mighty Atom” – “Little Giant Killer” as a 12 year old boy inmade after school pocket money selling programmes at the Vaudeville Pavilion Theatre.

At a dinner table conversation on VJ day in Bill was expressing his bewilderment at what to call his new system. June 14, 5: His fourth and hill, Defendo: The next year, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot and learned gunnery from Canada’s Billy Bishop, and he became friends with Roy Brown – the Canadian pilot who is credited with shooting down the Red Baron.


Periodically on the Vaudeville circuit Japanese Jiu-Jitsu experts would demonstrate their incredible abilities on the local stage. Sorry about the long post but this guy was pretty remarkable.

Kathleen, his true love and wife of 53 years, died in The film was produced by Pen Densham and John Watson. The short film caught the attention of a major motion picture company which was writing a full length feature film on Bill’s life.

Defendo is a Canadian martial art and a self defence system created in for law enforcement structures by Bill Underwood. He was born in There’s a video of him demonstrating some technique on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when Underwood This was a old book of self defense and combative techniques by author Bill Underwood. After the war, Underwood was deluged with invitations from police forces, requesting his services to train rookie cops. Between acts backstage Bill developed a friendship with world famous Jiu-Jitsu experts Yukio Tani and Tara Maki and they began to teach him in a short period of time some of the basic techniques of their craft.

Among many engagements, Bill demonstrated his fighting system at U. His fighting system known as “Combato” had officially made its debut. The year-old is an elite hand-to-hand combat instructor, working with law enforcement and military personnel around the globe. Inat the beginning of WWII, Bill attempted to enlist in active duty but due to his age he was turned down and he was told that this was a “young man’s war”.

K marked it as to-read Jan 16, His big idea involved teaching Canadians to fight dirty. Devv Null is currently reading it Jun 16, JujitsuWestern GrapplingCojbato.

Forget bobbing, weaving and wasted movements: