In Praise of Love [Alain Badiou, Peter Bush] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a world rife with consumerism, where online dating. In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou takes on contemporary ‘dating agency’ conceptions of love that come complete with zero-risk insurance – like US zero- casualty. “Love is not a contract between two narcissists. It’s more than that. It’s a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism.

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From one of the greatest living French philosophers, a spirited oraise moving defense of twenty-first-century love. That’s why A,ain propose a new philosophy of love, wherein you can’t avoid problems or working to solve them. My approach is that love is both an encounter and a construction. One distinguishing feature between the two is that the presence of an enemy is fundamental in the definition of politics whereas there is no enemy in love that plays a part in its construction.

Badiou’s far-left politics were burnished in the late 60s. Sign me up for: It presupposes gender equality which has been fought for both theoretically and in practice, particularly its practice in love and it ov colour, class and gender blindness.

In the same vein, he challenges hedonistic views which provide nothing more than superficial relationships. Topics Books A life in Invoking a vibrant cast of thinkers from Kierkegaard, Plato, and de Beauvoir to Proust, Lacan, and Beckett, Badiou creates a new narrative of love in the face of twenty-first-century modernity. For Alaun, love is an existential project, a constantly unfolding quest for truth. You are commenting using your WordPress. But it immediately raised it to the level of transcendence, and that is the root of the problem.


You don’t connect with the other, you take what pleasure you want from them. The Meaning of Sarkozyin which he notoriously called the last French president “rat man” for playing on public concerns about crime and immigration.

In Praise of Love | The New Press

It starts with an encounter that’s not calculable but afterwards you realise what it was. Current politics frequently focuses on identity, attacking immigrants for example, and this is the enemy of love.

Although Badiou attempts to reconcile his views praiee love with his political communism the conservative nature of his description of love is not so different than the definitions of erotic love described by institutions of authority that use these definitions to seek to contain love’s transgressions.

Transgressive love has also been significant in the development of avant-gardes and in challenging censorship. The Ontology of Non-Being.

Love transgresses ln boundaries set by church, state and family which seek to control it and is thus, inherently subversive and the basis of an alternative ethics.

‘In Praise of Love’ by Alain Badiou (PDF) – SubSense

This ov seen in the struggles for peace, LGBT rights, civil rights, gender equality and social justice. This is the first “point” in a series of points where two people decide to pursue a committed relationship and construct a joint perspective, a “two scene. In Praise of Love Quotes Showing of Provided it isn’t conceived only as an exchange of mutual favours, or isn’t calculated way in advance as a profitable investment, love really is a unique trust placed in chance.


He distinguishes his interest in love, as explored in his own drama love’s endurancefrom the usual artistic focus on the badiok event which leads to a breakthrough. By the end of this short book however which is made up of interviews with journalist Nicolas Truong we feel the lover’s abandonment of promises not fulfilled.

Below this sixth-floor apartment, an RER train screeches along the rails out of Denfert-Rochereau station. These books have led him to be hailed as a great philosopher.

In Praise of Love Quotes

Romanticism exalted love against classical arranged marriages — hence l’amour fouantisocial love. Like communism, he argues that, in love, origins don’t matter a,ain there is an acceptance of difference.

We all love truth, according to Badiou. But it’s not like that.

But why, if he’s ot, did France have this postwar adventure, this prqise explosion of intellectual life? He develops a new take on love that sees it as an adventure, and an opportunity for re-invention, in a constant exploration of otherness and difference that leads the individual out of an obsession with identity and self. Starting out from something that is simply an encounter, a trifle, you learn that you can experience the world on the basis of difference and not only in terms of identity.

With such a limiting definition of love, we might well ask questions such as: