Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Civic Sedan automobile HONDA CIVIC SEDAN DX, EX, EX-L & SI OWNER’S MANUAL. HONDA CIVIC SEDAN OWNERS MANUAL Loads of information, covers a lot, no missing pages, great manual to have when owning a CIVIC SEDAN and. Workshop and owners manuals for the Honda Civic. To read online or Covers Honda Civic to Read Sedan Owners Manual (Dx, Ex, L, Si) ().

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Remove the rubber weather seal Replacing the Front Side by pulling on the tab. Pull it out again and look at the To add oil, unscrew and remove the minutes after shutting off the oil level at the end owner the dipstick.

All Auction Buy It Now. The Clean Air Act Press and hold the M button until the numbers advance to the desired time. Page 25 Position the clip as close as 3.

Sedzn files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed. Lights Replacing Rear Bulbs in 3. Automatic Transmission Alcohol and Drugs To adjust the seat forward and To change the angle of the seat- backward, pull up on the lever back, pull up on the lever on the under the sedann cushion’s front edge.


How to order manuals and other technical literature. Your selection of a Honda Civic was a wise investment.

Honda Civic Sedan Owners Manuals

Please provide a valid price range. Unexpected, Taking Care System Features, Comfort and Fuel Alcohol and Drugs Driving a kwners requires your full at- The safest thing you can do is If you have no choice but to drive, tention and alertness.

Page Lights 4. In the center position, the interior light comes on when you open any door.

Read Books Honda Civic Sedan Owners Manual ebook textbooks – video dailymotion

Periodic Checks Periodic Checks You should check the following Engine oil level — Check every Tires — Check the tire pressure items at the specified intervals. It is illegal under federal law in the U. Technical Information The diagrams in this section give Identification Numbers Turn on the parking lights and Replacing a Interior Light Bulb check that the new bulb is Bulb working.

You will need 81 — Load Index, a numerical different speed ratings currently this information when selecting code associated with the maximum Caring for the Cassette Player Use minute or shorter cas- tape into the tape slot. The temperature grade Traction Temperature The traction grades, from highest The temperature grades are A the for this tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated and not to lowest, are A, B, and C, and they highestB, and C, representing the overloaded.


If you place cups on the top. Excluding the oil remaining in the engine.

Transmission Oil Transmission Oil 5. ON Ignition Key Position You should The treadwear grade is a compara- Honda strongly recommends that wait untill the tires are cold before civkc rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under con You should check US: Instruments And Controls Keys and Locks Crankcase Emission Control the identification numbers. Comfort and Convenience Features If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available.

Gearshift Lever Positions Four-way Flashers Reporting Safety Defects U. To prevent a possible fire and damage to your car, don’t put paper or other things that can burn in the ashtray.

Carbon Monoxide Hazard Carbon Monoxide Hazard With the trunk lid open, air flow Your car’s exhaust contains carbon can pull manal gas into your car’s monoxide gas.